Our Food Ethos

I have hijacked Cecil's blog, this is Catherine, but I wanted to tell everyone who reads this blog some important stuff. A few months ago I decided to eat a plant based diet, yes that makes me a vegan. It was around the same time that Cecil and I found each other and although I knew I was going to serve hot drinks I wasn't sure about food. However when I made the leap and decided to sell snacks I just knew that I wanted to keep as much of it meat, dairy and egg free. I luckily found a super lady local to me called Tracey who runs the Striped Apron Bakery and she eagerly tested out some vegan cake and cookie recipes. I don't think you can tell the difference between the cakes and cookies that

Paws in the Park

Yesterday we attended the first Paws in the Park event hosted by and in aid of St Nicholas Hospice. Well as we have discovered there is always a drama to contend with but luckily this time it wasn't me dishing it out, I behaved perfectly (I can when I want to). We had a milk problem (i.e. most of it had gone off) so Paul (a very friendly chap who happens to be very close to Catherine) was dispatched off to find some milk. All this was happening early on Sunday morning, before the shops were open so quite a challenge but Paul rose to the challenge and triumphantly turned up with enough milk for the day so disaster averted. I have to say that the English are very good at diverting potential di

Keep on Truckin!

We had an epic journey on Friday to Loughborough, no mean feat when you realise that you're top speed is 35mph. I thought I could achieve 50mph but unfortunately I got a little bit hot and bothered and ended up dispelling all of the water from my radiator. From then on Catherine had to keep me in check and we cruised along at a steady 30-35mph, it was difficult as I really did want to go a little bit faster. However, the countryside was wonderful and although the hills were a little bit difficult to climb (thank you to the inventor of crawler lanes) I thoroughly enjoyed blowing out the cobwebs. We were at a Classic Car weekend and there were plenty of vintage cars and also steam engines (I

First Ever Event

Well, what an exciting time we had last weekend. Catherine had to arrange for a special taxi for me to take me to the Strutt Your Mutt event due to my UK registration not quite complete (any day now I'll be on the roads properly). So the lovely lads from M.A.P. Recovery came and picked me up, they are always so charming and take special care of me, which is very lucky as Catherine was having quite the panic about me falling off their lorry. She had got herself into quite a state about whether or not we were ready for the event, well I was ready and quite frankly as I'm the star of the show that should be good enough. The journey to the gorgeous Benacre estate was uneventful, in fact I quite

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