As I said in my earlier blog this week, we have a new recruit, Sad Dog Fred. I’m going to hand over to him for this blog as I think it best he introduces himself as we although we are firm friends we still new friends and I might get some of the information wrong. Hi, I’m Sad Dog Fred, I met Catherine when she was 17 and started out as an escort for her in her first car. She loved me so much that I have been in every car since then. I’m called Sad Dog Fred because I look quite sad, but I’m really a rather happy chap and we found out I have rather a knack of creating some good drinks. The homemade lemonade was all down to me tweaking some tried and tested recipes and we had a voila! moment (a

Phew - Time Management

Bonjour my friends, it has been a while since I blogged and there is far too much to say in one sitting but I'll have a go at condensing what we've been up to. We have been to several shows, last weekend we were at the Suffolk Superheros Weekend and was that fun. Even Jake got excited on Saturday afternoon when Darth Vadar made an appearance. The sun was out the kids were hot, bothered but very excited about the event goings on and the parents were just happy to get their caffeine fix. There were lots of weary parents who perked up when they realised they could get that pick me up. We are trialing a new cold drink called Cascara which is still made from part of the coffee bean and mixed with

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