Coffee Delivery

Another panic, another day, I nearly forgot to order more coffee. Imagine that, an espresso bar with no coffee. The previous order, was not very big as I just wasn't sure how the new takeaway offering was going to go. Well, we are serving more coffees than I thought so this order was for 30kg of the wonderful single origin Brazil Sao Lucas bean roasted by the fantastic boys at Crude Coffee. There were several reasons I chose Crude, they are a local roastery less than 3 miles away from the bar. I am always conscious of our carbon footprint and as a local, independent business I would rather use another local, independent business. When I visited them to have a tasting session they could not d

Oat Milk...............

I could not believe it I ran out of oat milk, could not get it from anywhere. No, let me clarify I could get oat milk but not Oatly and I will not use any other oat milk. We use the best brands in our bar. I found Oatly when I first went vegan and it saved me. I've tried all the other oat milks and this is the only one that I can recommend. It compliments coffee (and hot chocolate, chai latte, tea) as if it was made specially for it. The barista version (which we obviously use) is superb to work with, it textures so well. You can imagine my dismay last week when our stock levels plummeted and all my suppliers were out of stock (those 3 words are not what anyone wants to hear are they). I cha

Lockdown Madness and more

We first opened our doors on 23rd February 2020, it was going very well. Those first 3 weeks we were slowly growing and then the 4th week the growth nose dived off the cliff. I couldn't work out where I was going wrong, everything was just as I wanted it to be, good feedback too. Well, I wasn't paying mu ch attention to the new Covid-19 outbreak and I had decided that I wasn't closing down (other places had in town), I couldn't afford to but then the government took that decision out of my hands and on the 24th March it was announced that we had to close. I was devastated, what was I going to do for my staff? I could see my whole dream just puuuufffff gone, in an instant. When the announced

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